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RDL® is a leading manufacturer known for producing high-quality audio, video, and control modules. They pioneered the concept of APPLICATION-SPECIFIC MODULES over two decades ago, which has gained significant popularity in various facilities globally. These modules are designed to perform specific electronic functions or tasks, particularly in audio and video applications. They can either execute a single job, such as balancing an unbalanced audio line or bridging a balanced audio line, or be combined to create complex systems like automatic mixing systems or distributed audio setups.

The key advantages of RDL modules include:

  • Lower Cost: RDL modules can replace larger, more expensive equipment, offering a cost-effective solution by allowing users to install only the functions they need without paying for unnecessary features.
  • High Performance: The modules are engineered for optimum performance with low noise levels. They often improve system performance by being installed close to their point of use, like a mic preamp near a microphone. Additionally, balanced differential lines between modules reduce interference and noise.
  • Versatility: RDL modules offer flexibility in installation and can be mounted right where needed for optimal functionality. They also provide a range of mounting options, including rack-mount accessories, to fit different system configurations.

RDL’s commitment to quality, high-volume robotic manufacturing, and customer service ensures that they can assist with a wide range of needs, from simple solutions to complex installations. Their focus remains on solving specific problems and offering building blocks for quality system designs.