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Blaze Audio, a Danish-based subsidiary of Pascal founded in 2006, excels in providing professional audio solutions tailored for both commercial and leisure markets. With over 16 years of expertise, they have become a key player in the pro audio amplifier electronics solutions sector, serving a significant part of the professional audio brands, albeit specific partnerships remain undisclosed due to NDAs. Their products are designed to deliver robust power and exceptional sound performance, crucial for commercial environments. Simultaneously, they meet the high standards of technology, quality, and reliability expected in the professional audio market. Producing more than 350,000 modules annually, their Copenhagen-based headquarters is a testament to their commitment and influence in the global pro audio technology realm.

Retail Environments: Blaze Audio’s range includes amplifiers (60W to 750W per channel), suitable for different retail zones. Their PowerZone™ Control web app allows for volume control across zones, and networked wall controllers manage audio sources and volume with enhanced security.

Restaurant and Dining: PowerZone™ amplifiers cater to varying audio needs in restaurants, from bustling bars to quiet dining areas, offering the needed power and flexibility.

Bars & Cafes: Designed for hospitality needs, these amplifiers provide Lo-Z and Hi-Z outputs, smart power sharing, and easy setup. The PowerZone™ Control web app and controllers facilitate multi-zone audio management.

Fitness Locations: Suitable for diverse fitness environments, these amplifiers support background music and class activities with mic talk overs, featuring automatic power sharing and customizable presets via the PowerZone™ Control web app.

Corporate, Government & Enterprise: Tailored for diverse applications, these amplifiers can handle various sound pressures and are networkable with up to 8 Wall-S1 controllers. The web app allows for detailed audio system management.

House of Worship: PowerZone™ Connect amplifiers offer a power range (125W to 3000W) for different speaker loads, with the web app simplifying audio setups, including mic talk-overs.

Entertainment: Meeting the demands of entertainment venues, these amplifiers ensure stable, flexible performance with an embedded programmable DSP for specific sound requirements.

In each sector, Blaze Audio’s solutions, with their PowerZone™ amplifiers and control tools, ensure high-quality, adaptable, and user-friendly audio experiences.