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Austrian Audio: A Story of Innovation and Heritage

Founded in the wake of AKG’s Vienna office closure, Austrian Audio stands as a testament to resilience and innovation in the audio technology industry. Formed in July 2017 by a team of 22 former AKG experts, the company encapsulates over 350 years of cumulative engineering experience. This diverse team, skilled in fields such as acoustics, electronics, and software, embarked on a mission to both preserve their rich heritage and challenge industry norms.

“Making Passion Heard” is at the heart of Austrian Audio’s philosophy, a commitment deeply rooted in Vienna’s musical tradition. This ethos is embodied in their pioneering OC818 and OC18 microphones, each featuring the expertly handcrafted Austrian Audio CKR12 ceramic capsule. These products reflect the company’s dedication to sound and engineering excellence, serving a wide array of clients including musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

Austrian Audio’s impact extends beyond conventional audio equipment. They are recognized for their patents and proprietary technologies in various areas, including noise canceling and measurement tools, with applications extending to aviation and telecommunications. Their collaborative projects with industry leaders in product development, testing, and certification demonstrate their versatility and comprehensive expertise.

Central to Austrian Audio’s success is its close-knit team, emphasizing the value of each individual’s contribution. Balancing their manufacturing heritage with a commitment to innovation, the company enables engineers to express their creativity fully. This blend of tradition and modernity ensures that Austrian Audio not only respects its past but is also a driving force in shaping the future of audio technology, creating tools and instruments that resonate with both traditional and contemporary audio professionals.