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Cornered Audio stands out in both the commercial and residential audio markets with its innovative and aesthetically pleasing sound systems, characterized by a unique, patented 90-degree triangular design. This distinctive design enables versatile installation options, allowing the speakers to be seamlessly mounted onto walls, ceilings, and even in corners, without the need for visible brackets and with hidden cable connections. The integration of mounting points into the design, discreetly hidden behind the front cover, adds to the sleek and elegant appearance of the speakers.

The flexibility of the Cornered speaker system is evident in its modularity and installation versatility. The speakers can be mounted vertically in a corner or horizontally between the wall and the ceiling, with the option to couple two, three, or four cabinets together for extended coverage. For areas where wall mounting isn’t ideal, the speakers can also be suspended from the ceiling, either as a single unit or with two cabinets coupled together in a half-moon shape for wider coverage. This adaptability makes Cornered Audio’s systems suitable for a wide range of commercial environments.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, these speakers deliver professional audio performance with wide, uniform sound coverage, ensuring clarity and rich sound quality. The combination with Cornered Audio’s advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) amplifier further enhances the listening experience by providing top-tier sound quality.

Ease of installation is a key component of Cornered Audio’s offerings. The built-in slider makes installations an easy one-man job, especially with the Ci series, which is designed for minimal installation time. This user-friendly approach, combined with the system’s reliability and discreet elegance, ensures that Cornered Audio’s systems can provide years of high-quality entertainment and performance.

In summary, Cornered Audio’s sound systems blend unique design, exceptional sound quality, and ease of installation, making them an attractive choice for all types of installations seeking both visual appeal and sonic excellence.